Words & Paper with M.O.S.S. Tuesday Group - Part 2


Giving voice to the hole

Giving voice to the whole

Simple things 

Love and integrity

Deep sense of self we provide

So big we become the earth

Words & Paper with M.O.S.S. Wednesday Group - Part 1

Together with conversation, meditation, art, and shared experience. Thank you for returning to be part of something familiar and new. I appreciate you!

Words & Paper with M.O.S.S. Tuesday Group - Part 1

Thank you women for having faith and curiosity enough to step into nourishing creativity and meditation together. Together we uplift ourselves and our families and communities in turn. What a gift!!!

Plant Prints on Fabric

Thank you to this exuberant group for raising the creative vibration and going all in!

Plant Print Sampler

Thank you women for this intimate and inspiring adventure into nature and new techniques, including the fun and funny, Fashion Spray! I also love what was shared about the intention within the creations and the gifts that the might become. ♥️