Mom’s Open Studio Series


Are you a busy mom who sometimes feels distracted & disconnected from yourself or your family?
Do you value your role as mom, wife, and friend but you’re feeling overwhelmed and a bit burnt out?
Do you KNOW that self-care is important but can’t find time for yourself?

Me too! That’s why I’ve created the Mom’s Open Studio Series.

M.O.S.S. is a positive mom’s community for art where you will be:

  • inspired through creativity

  • relaxed by meditation

  • recharged through community with like-minded moms

When you experience your creativity, you will feel more inspired and present. When YOU fill your well, it’s EASIER to fill the well of your family and friends. You’ll empower yourself through the choice of nourishing yourself. And you’ll be a great role model for your kids and peers by making self-care a priority.

M.O.S.S. is a healthy blend of support and freedom, meeting once a week while your kids are in school. You’ll enjoy a mix of monthly projects combined with the free-form choices. If you want to get creative and have fun, this is for you!



Join M.O.S.S. and become part of a rich community of moms who want to light up their lives through creativity. Practice being present through creativity and bring the power and beauty of your presence home to your children and families. No experience required, all supplies included.