The Process

My creations are one-of-a-kind hand printed monotypes using a variety of plant life on vintage cotton and linen sourced from estate sales and flea markets in the greater New York City area. The shapes and impressions that make up the fabric patterns are created using individually inked leaves and plant stems, paired with plant silhouettes created with spray dye techniques. In Japanese, the term Ma means “the space in between”, what Westerners refer to as negative space. Ma is such an elegant way to describe where a lot of the magic lies. I love to find these in-between spaces in my plant prints. The positive and void is central to the dynamism as color and texture bring the viewer into the forest with each look. Every piece can be used functionally, as art, or re-purposed into garments or bedding, each possibility decorative and natural.

My work is born out of my biophilic relationship with nature, a relationship in which the intense beauty and healing qualities of nature nourishes and surprises. The printmaking process is grounded, but the results are channeled as I work with nature intuitively, moving into and through each piece. The work brings nature to those who look at it, and the added sensual experience of the fabric reminds those who hold it of the impact of texture, both felt and seen. I imagine my creations to be a portal to the forest, meadow, and garden, to be a way to bring nature into our life.