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M.O.S.S. Preview Workshop

Dear Moms,

Do you find yourself lost in the past or future?
Or running through your to-do list while moments pass by?
Do you feel unfocused and under inspired?
Do you feel stagnant creatively?

I have been there and so have most modern day mom’s of school aged children.

You are not alone!

Would you love to find yourself more in the present moment?
Knowing that you have nourished yourself, and are therefore ready to be truly available to the whole of your life, especially your children?
Would you like to feel more in tune with your intuition, and find your self-expression more accessible? Would you like to open up to possibility through creative curiosity?

If so, Mom’s Open Studio Series (M.O.S.S.) is a great place for you!

M.O.S.S. is a creative community for mothers of children from birth to college.
M.O.S.S. is an opportunity to thrive through guided and free form art making.
M.O.S.S. is where you can safely choose to step into your artist self while exploring the intersections of womanhood and mothering.
M.O.S.S. allows you time and space to use the creative process of hands-on art making for insight.

Practice being present through creativity, and bring the power and beauty of your presence home to your children and family.

Tap into your intuition and aesthetic to reinvigorate your sense of self in ways that have the potential to support you in being fully actualized. Be part of this wellness promoting community and thrive.

With heart,


*Sign up for our free Preview Workshop for a hands-on creative session and learn more about M.O.S.S. and how to become a member.